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Auto Glass

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We guarantee our repairs will not crack further and will pass WOF/COF inspections for as long as you own the vehicle.

We are the leading repairer of auto glass in the Wairarapa working with most Insurance Companies to make the repair or replacement of your auto-glass easy and painless.

Does the NOVUS Resin really hold the break together so cracks won’t grow and cause the break to “crack out”?

When a Windscreen break is repaired correctly, assuming contaminants are removed, and radial or edge cracks are filled appropriately, the NOVUS Repair is almost as strong as a new Windscreen.

How long does a NOVUS Repair take?

On average, a NOVUS Repair takes only 20 to 30.

Can the vehicle be immediately driven after the NOVUS Repair is completed?

Yes, assuming the NOVUS Repair has been completely cured to NOVUS factory specifications before the vehicle is moved.



Can you bill my insurance company?

Yes we can! Novus are a Preferred/Authorised Supplier to numerous Insurance Companies.

After the replacement how soon will I be able to drive my vehicle?

It usually takes about 1 -1 ½ hours to replace the windscreen and about another hour for the urethane to cure to a point where it is safe to drive your vehicle. How fast the urethane cures is dependent on Temperature and Humidity.

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