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Glass & Mirrors

We provide mirrors of almost any shape and size.


Frosted Glass, Etched Glass, Privacy Glass.

These are just some of the glass products we supply for your building requirements.


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Decorative Glass

One of the most exciting features of laminated glass is the ability to laminate inserts into the glass or to laminate special materials. The Lamination process essentially encapsulates the decorative component within two or more sheets of glass.

Translucent laminate, solid white insert ideal for white boards and doors, solid black insert ideal for black boards and cladding. 
Painted glass laminated with EVA to create solid colour or PET Translucent Colour Film that enables a wide range of special colour laminates.

Laminates with:

  • Image – PET Image Film allows high resolution picture perfect image laminates
  • Metallic – PET metallic film for stunning metal effects
  • Mesh – Internal metal or fiberglass mesh enables a range of special decorative effects
  • Fabric – Silks, papers and fabrics create special effects when laminated
  • Veneer – Wood veneers can be protected inside the laminate
  • Stone – Natural stone and glass can be combined for stunning effects

Low E Glass

Low E is an abbreviation of “Low Emissivity”, which is the ability to radiate absorbed energy. Low E glass has a unique Low Emissivity coating designed to reflect long wave radiation from the glass itself and from inside or outside the house.

Other Glass

Toughened Safety Glass, Heat Soaked Safety Glass, Heat Strengthened Safety Glass.

Laminated Safety Glass: Annealed, Toughened & Toughened Structural.

Then we have Float Glass, Clear Vision Glass & Tinted Glass.

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