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We are installers of Euroglass frameless showers. 


With this product you have a simplicity and elegance of design. Along with minimal framing and seals you will be guaranteed to have the ultimate shower enclosure in a style that remains timeless. 

You can choose from a wide range of products and looks.

Square Showers

Square shower designs can open up a bathroom corner, and this concept can be used for two-sided or three-sided showers. Doors can be fitted either side, allowing it to swing to the left or right.

Sliding Showers

Designed to enhance spaciousness, this shower style provides a modern alternative to a pivoting door. Ideal for creating a larger shower area, the sliding door allows ease of access and eliminates a swinging door in tight spaces. Our suspended sliding doors systems use stainless steel components for engineered smooth movement.

Curved Showers

Our curved shower doors add European flair to your bathroom and provide a soft aesthetic, eliminating harsh corners. The side panels are custom sized according to your shower space.

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